27 March 2011

What Was There

Hi166 History Making - Pen and Paperphoto © 2009 Christa Uymatiao | more info (via: Wylio)
History has sometimes been regarded as a subject which could only be learnt through books. One had to read events and memorize dates and facts. So, the question is, how can one interact with history? With events of the past? How can you add to history today?

What Was There  is a site which invites you to actually see what cities and towns looked like in the past. The site is in progress as visitors contribute with photos by uploading and including a tag of time and place. You can then compare what a city looked like in the past and how it is now.

Another similar site is History Pin which shares photos and stories of the past.

By contributing, a visual history of communities is available to all. History is no longer only in the domain of books - you too can explore and contribute to a digital history for all. 

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