21 April 2011

Appreciating Teachers

As most teachers, I  congratulate my  students' progress and achievements regularly, hoping that their confidence grows and they achieve their goals. But what about the teachers themselves?

Educators across the world spend hours planning activities, devising lessons which will possibly engage students and challenge them to overcome that unsettling fear of learning what is new. More easily than ever before, teachers around the world share their concerns, their insights, their passion for education and so much more. To all from whom I have learnt so much, from all whom I learn on a regular daily basis, I  would like to thank you for your collaboration, creativity and inspiration! 

Making a difference is not easy. Yet you do - everyday.


  1. Thank you Cristina! What a rich and valuable site you've created! Not only for EFL teachers but also for all teachers who wish to easily explore new ICT tools for their classroom. You are a talented lady!
    I have passed your site on to many colleagues around the world. It is really quite something!

  2. Thank you for visiting and leaving such positive feedback Susan! There are so many cool sites and learning tools available which can be integrated into different kinds of classrooms. Many tools are also great to design out-of-class activities, so even if a school does not have computers for students, many of them will have their own at home.

    I do hope that others also may also find useful ideas here to introduce to learners or simply for themselves.