17 April 2011

Be Safe, Be Cool

For many, bullying in the school playground was a traumatic experience in life which haunted them for years. Today, as we increasingly live our lives more online and are involved in intense social media, cyber-bullying has become a reality that needs to be addressed as part of e-safety. Shrink the Cyberbully  is a game where players are given a mission to shrink the cyberbully by choosing their answer. If their answer doesn't cut down the bullying, they are given a message explaining why not.  

That's Not Cool is another site which offers support and guidance - whether it is bullying and rumours through texting or through social networks. You can find videos (an example is given in the first video clip below), callout cards addressing different forms of digital harassment which can be posted in social networks and mobiles, as well as games and a section on talking it out. Keeping silent about cyberbullying will not make it go away.  No one should suffer in silence if they are experiencing cyberbullying. 

Break the cycle. Be safe. Be cool. 

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