10 April 2011

Streaming Music

Music is a universal phenomena which soothes and excites our imagination. Among the varied online choices we have, there are 3 sites which are worth trying out. 

uWall is a cool music-video playlist site which allows you to browse the musicians you want to hear. The first page to pop up shows some of the most popular artists, but you can also search by genre or your favourite musician. As you roll over and click, the video clips will pop up.  uWall is a cool tool, especially if you are just looking for new music to listen to. 

Epitonic, another music site, offers free downloads and lets you explore new musicians and genres. It's a very edgy site which opens up listening paths to upcoming artists and original tracks.

And my last suggestion for a music site is Prostopleer, which is a free online media player where you can search for music and create playlists. The only thing which I don't like so much are the visuals that sometimes appear in the upper corner; hopefully, as the site becomes more popular, these small visuals will either be taken off or replaced.  

Once you have your selection, why not share it on your blog or social network with a minipod by mixpod? (which I have already given an example here)

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

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