5 April 2011

Games for Digital Safety

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Learning to be safe online is a constant concern of parents and educators. One needs to constantly remind learners that to be a responsible digital citizen, not only do they need to exercise netiquette, but also to keep themselves safe while online. Online safety covers different aspects, from cyber-bullying to how to protect oneself from potential  harm.  

Below are four sites which address different issues of online safety for young learners. 

Internet Safety Game  is as the name indicates, a game focusing on how to be safe while on the internet. 

Webonauts is fun to play while giving plenty of good advice on how to be a responsible digital citizen.  From passwords to digital profiles, players graduate from one level to another, finally graduating at this academy. 

Safety Land is another interactive game which explains how to be wise and safe online.  If the player has a level head, he/she may even become a cyber hero!

The Case of the Cyber Criminal is yet another site which explains how sometimes bytes can be malicious and how to avoid them. For more online games about e-safety, explore Games - OnGuard Online, which offers games about wireless security to identity theft.

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