14 April 2011

Wordle-ing Reflections

David Dodgson recently set out a mini-challenge for teachers in Reflections of a Teacher and a Learner - to create a word cloud from our blogs.

By including my URL, Wordle showed me this portrait of my recent postings.

I then wondered what would show up with Tagxedo.
The next part of David's challenge was to reflect on these three questions:

* What does it tell you about the content of your writing?
* What does it tell you about your writing style and use of vocabulary?
* Is there anything that surprised you?

Telling stories, using free online tools creatively, being a digital citizen are themes which I come back to regularly. Overall, I think that the word cloud generated by Tagxedo better reflects what my blog is most about: learning and sharing. Both word clouds also show how I am interested in using (and learning) about digital games and story telling. Both are excellent approaches to foster learner autonomy and creativity.  Being safe and e-safety also come up in both word clouds - again, something that I think is necessary for learners to become more confident and secure as digital citizens. 

Surprises? Learning appears more than learners  - which perhaps may seem odd, though my postings tend to focus more on tools and learning possibilities for learners, rather than my experiences with learners. Not too sure about my style, though free online tools for free learning and creativity are definitely part of my blog discourse. 

The last step in David's challenge is to do this exercise again in a couple of weeks to see what has changed and what has remained the same. 

Thank you David for setting up such a fun challenge - I think I'll even start challenging students to create a wordle of what they have learnt at different points in the semester!

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