22 May 2011

Create a Cartoon

Writing is never easy, particularly in a foreign language. But if you are creating a cartoon and adding text to it, isn't that writing as well?

 Pixton and toonlet are two free cartoon makers which are fun and simple to use. For both you need to sign up, and confirm through your email. Each one of these cartoon makers is accompanied by a short video explaining how to use the cartoon maker. Both let you print and share your cartoons in your blog and social network, so it really is a question of personal choice between which one to use. 

Pixton has the additional choice of a teacher's edition, which will allow a whole range of further options and activities.

Witty Comics, ToonDoo and Futurama Comics are some other options you may want to look into for creating digital stories with cartoons.

Here you can find further tips and tools on how to use cartoons in the classroom by Kelsey Allen.

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