20 May 2011

Digital Narratives

Using timelines is an engaging way to create digital narratives. I have already mentioned Dipity and today I'd like to suggest Tiki-Toki

You can include videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as upload images from Flickr and text. Tips are given as you go along and it is really easy for students to use. Now that the end of the academic year is approaching, a fun activity is for students to create a time-line of their past academic year and perhaps even include some goals and dreams for the future.  As with any digital narrative, the possibilities are endless. 

[128/365] Study in Pinkphoto © 2011 Pascal | more info (via: Wylio)
Do you have learners who would like to be detectives?

  RubySkye P.I is a comedy web series created by Jill Golick of Story 2.OH. RubySkye P.I. has won awards, is upbeat and definitely contemporary. Learners can watch a video clip and then read Ruby's blog, contributing to threads. RubySkye P.I. is not only entertaining, but also contains educational tips for E-safety, as you can see in the Scam File.

Although not necessarily for language teaching, there are different activities which teachers can create to accompany each episode. Better still, ask learners to choose an episode and develop mini-lessons around it.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Jill Golick for getting in touch with me and telling me about this great resource for education. I'm already looking forward to her next project!

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