26 May 2011

Do You Webdoc?

Webdoc is a cool tool which allows you to create content by mixing media simply by drag and drop.

Features include:

* background - which you can upload or use the   options provided
* text
* draw
* images -  Google or Flickr, upload your own or take a picture with your webcam at the moment
* video - YouTube or Vimeo
* sound - SoundCloud (blogged here)
* apps - a selection is available to choose from

After you create a Webdoc, others are also able to immediately post a reply with another Webdoc. You can also post it to Facebook, Twitter, email, or simply embed in your blog. 

It's a great tool to add to projects or themes which are being dealt with in class. Students can create and comment on each other's Webdocs, thus creating a stream of Webdocs on a topic.

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