8 May 2011

Free Documentaries

For many, summer days are long days that need to be filled with activities which we don't always have time for  during the academic year. Catching up with movies and documentaries is a relaxing way to keep on practising listening skills as well as learning something new.  Among the different sites which offer free downloads of movies and documentaries, there are three which I'll point out today. 

Top Documentary Films has a broad selection of documentaries ranging from comedy to the environment, from social issues to history and technology. Documentary Heaven also offers a wide range of topics and is easy to navigate. 

Then there is Miro - a Video Player which you will need to download  and offers you free TV programs as well as free video feeds. 

Do you have any favourite documentary site you would like to share?


  1. also a great source of documentaries is humanrestore.com.

  2. Hi Kalu,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving a suggestion - much appreciated! I've just had a look at humanrestore and it is, as you say, an amazing free resource for all.

  3. Hi Ana,

    Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you'd like to check for comments.



  4. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for the mention and for joining my blog :-)

  5. Thanks for these. One of the docs has given me an idea.... :)

  6. Hi David,

    Thank you for passing by; I look forward to reading your upcoming lesson plan! Whenever you have time, check out the other free video sites which I have included on the left had side. Hope you may find something of interest :-)