11 May 2011

Games for Revising Vocabulary

Studying....photo © 2006 Bas | more info (via: Wylio)
For many learners, final exams are coming closer by the week and revising is in full swing.  The three tools I will mention today are especially useful for revising vocabulary, but can be adapted to other subjects as well. 

Free Puzzlemaker has different puzzles you can create; from word searches to maths squares and cryptograms. The word search in particular is great to see who can find all the hidden words first. After creating your word search, you can print out the puzzle and even check the answers. 

Super Teacher Tools offers another variety of games, my favourite being the Speed Match quiz maker. You can revise vocabulary, phrases or any content with this quiz. After you create your game, you then simply upload the link to your wiki or classroom platform (for example, Edmodo) to share with others. As a group plays the game, their score is kept on the side panel. By using the projector, the whole group can see who is scoring the highest and even try to do better than their previous score. There are other games which you can create as well, such as Jeopardy and Board Games, which you adapt to suit your own teaching context.

Lastly, why not try out the Matching Game Maker
You just need to download the game maker and follow the instructions. Students can then download the game on their own laptop/computer to play again. 

My only recommendation is that if you would like to link your matching game to a class wiki, the only way I was able to do this, was by uploading to Wikispaces rather than Wetpaint

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