2 May 2011

Have a Snack!

TubeSnack is a cool tool which makes a playlist with your favourite videos. You can also make an audio player for your favourite songs with PodSnack and while you listen to your playlist, why not use PhotoSnack to make a photo slideshow to share with your friends?

Meanwhile, you may want to share documents with others in the form of a book. Simply use FlipSnack, which will turn your PDF documents into an online book - which again, you can embed in your blog or share in your social network.

Although these tools are free to use, FlipSnack only allows you to upload documents in PDF format and limits you to publish 3 books, with 15 pages each. The example above was taken from the British Council/BBC Teaching English  , and you can find the complete IATEFL publication here

Another snack you may like to explore is QuizSnack. As with the others mentioned here, you need to sign up and then log in. One feature I particularly liked with QuizSnack is that you can create online surveys, polls or personality quizzes all with one tool.

Which snack do you find the most interesting?

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