21 May 2011

Myths, Motivation and Digital Learners

Digital Nativephoto © 2009 Gideon Burton | more info (via: Wylio)
Like Nicky Hockly, in her excellent post on Digital natives & immigrants, I think that it is time to move away from the debate of whether one is a digital native or digital immigrant. Instead, perhaps one should reflect on the different kind of learning environment that being digital brings to education.

The introduction of digital tools in the classroom, teaching learners to become responsible digital citizens, giving learners the opportunity to engage in social media for learning purposes does change the traditional classroom eco-system. 

Some may argue that it is only tools. Digital toys that provide activities which could easily be accomplished with pen and paper. My view is that it is not only about digital "toys" but a different way to regard learning, a different approach to empowering students to take control of their learning and creativity. As educators today, it is our responsibility to enable, engage and empower learners growing up in our digital world by offering them a digital eco-system where they can apply their digital literacies while learning. 

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