6 May 2011

Vocabulary with Flashcards and SnaPanda

Whether preparing for exams or doing revisions, flashcards really do help with learning vocabulary. 

In this short posting, I'd like to point out two sites where you can make flashcards and an app which is fun to have on your mobile. 

Cramberry and Braineos are two free flashcard sites where you can create, study and even challenge your friends with vocabulary. Although they are great for learning languages, you can use them to revise almost any subject you want to and share with your friends. 

And for fun, why not explore Save the Words where you can learn all kinds of new words?

SnaPanda is an app which you can download to your mobile. Easy and handy to use whenever you want to. 


  1. HI Ana !

    Thanks so much for the panda mention. We've worked really hard on the app and are so pleased when folks share it with their community. :)

    I've RSSed to your blog to enjoy future posts. Cheers, Brad

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment. With so many new apps coming on to the market, SnaPanda is really innovative and cool for everyone.