1 June 2011

Blogging with Lubith

Blogging in the Afternoon, after Edouard Manetphoto © 2008 Mike Licht | more info (via: Wylio)
There are so many reasons why blogging is useful, that I sometimes don't even know where to begin when explaining why blogging should be part of every learner's experience. It's not just about finding a voice and self-expression; it's not just about connecting with others. Those features are inherent in blogging. Above all it's a learning process and gaining confidence in one's learning -  gaining confidence to think critically, to share one's work and to gain confidence as a digital citizen. 

In David Dodgson's reflective posting, Metablognition,  on why he blogs, he sums by saying the following: "I teach, I blog, I engage, I reflect, I grow". Students should also be given this opportunity, being able to say I learn, I blog, I share, I connect, I grow.  

In On an e-Journey with Generation YAnne Mirtschin has a list of 20 reasons why students should blog, including recommendations for teachers when they get their students blogging (which you can find here). Among the many other writers and bloggers who support students blogging, Annelie Nas, has written 10 Reasons to  why Students Should Blog, and Marti LeChance also describes  7 Reasons why College Students Should Blog.  Vicki Davis offers 12 Reasons to Blog with your Students, while Pernille Rip shares her 14 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging. All offer excellent reasons to get students blogging as well as tips and recommendations.

With the relevance of students blogging, my entry today is for a blogging tool, designed especially for Wordpress users. 

Lubith is a great tool for learners to customize their blogs if they are using Wordpress. It's simple and easy to use; as you can see in the image on the right, you begin by clicking on "start here". 

Once you begin, you will find a page where you can customize and make your own design. 

The tool bar is on the left, where you can choose your own theme, colour, upload images, choose your own font, align text and add or remove content. The best part is that it is free, doesn't require registration and individuals can make their blog as unique as themselves.

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