20 June 2011

Curating Tribes

Unreachable Princessphoto © 2011 Hartwig HKD | more info (via: Wylio)

Summer always takes me back to a Peter Pan dimension -  a time for dreaming, a time for catching up with friends, family, travelling and so much more that escapes my regular 24 hours of academic life. Yet, I have also learnt with time, that everyone needs a project to be involved with over long summers. Possible projects can be creating a digital book (for example, with StoryBird), creating & sharing music (lots of ideas here and here), putting together a digital photo album  (here you can find tools as well as throughout this blog) or why not, making use of the tools for curating the web?

Curating the web is not a phenomenon which began this year, though it has become increasingly popular in recent months.  Live Binders has been available for some years now and is excellent to store, (and share)  documents and links  about a topic of interest. On your right hand side of this blog, you can browse though several binders that I've put together for different topics. Binders are useful not only for teachers, but for students as well to keep records and articles for their studies/projects. Binders can also be used for different kinds of  collaboration projects as long as participants are given the right to share access and contribute to a particular binder (an option which comes with LiveBinders)

I have already mentioned Scoop.it! and Pearltrees in this blog, and today I'd like to share some other tools which may also be of interest to select and share your favourite sites. 

bundlr is a content curation tool, which allows you to collect - or bundle - content from around the web and easily share it. 

With paper.li you can create your own newspaper and publish it online with your favourite interests and web postings. With paper.li, your readers will never miss a beat as it is also accessible on iPhones, iPods and Android phones. 

Pinterest is a digital pinboard where you can organise and share what interests you, as well as perhaps letting yourself be inspired by what interests others.  Begin by requesting an invite and then pin your interests to your board. 

Storify (blogged here) lets you create mashups from social media. You choose what is important and relevant to you and the stories you feel are worth reading/sharing. 

curated.by is social media curation tool. Here you can find out more about how curated.by works and how to get started. Meanwhile, this is short clip with the founders:

triberr offers another form of web curation.  Watch the video below to find out more about triberr and how digital communities come together and blossom.


  1. Cristina,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.You are always a surprising me. Ill start using some of sites with my new EAP class.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment. I'm glad that you like my suggestions and hope that you're students do as well!

  3. Cristina,
    Ive been fascinated by your work.Lots of effort and great sites for both students and teachers.You are a great.You need to start trainning teachers.

  4. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you again for your time and positive feedback! I do hope that teachers and learners look around and try out different tools to enhance their projects and learning processes. Hope you have fun using digital tech with your students too! :-)

  5. Very very nice. Great to know there are many tools to play with. They will be useful in teaching and learning process. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sieng,

    Thank you for dropping by and for your positive feedback! These curation tools are all slightly different so it depends on what you (or students) want to do with them. I like LiveBinders and think it's a great way for students to create their own PLE. Scoop.it! has another appeal and is easy to share with others, though not many people leave comments in the scoops.

    I think the challenge will be for curation to move on to dialogues though with everyone being so busy and stressed with lack of time, I really don't see that happening - yet :-)

    Have fun curating and do let me know which is your favourite. Thank you again!