13 June 2011

Digital Waves - Curating the Web

waves photo © 2010 Leo Fung | more info (via: Wylio)
Every now and then there appears a tool which is both fun and useful. Pearltrees (which I have mentioned here). It's playfully visual and a great tool for sharing sites and information. Below is a snapshot of what one of my trees looks like. The circles with the avatar are the main sub-folders which relate to the "tree", while the others are related to the main tree, which in this case is E-Learning.  Others can "pick" your pearls as easily as you can pick theirs, thus a sharing and learning process takes places by  connecting pearls of interest. As your pearls are being "picked", you will receive a notice (via email and through PearlTrees) of who picked which pearl. This is of interest because you may then want to look at their pearls and see whether they have sites/links which may interest you. This connecting becomes a social curation which calmly shares pearls of interest and knowledge among participants. 

urthots (pronounced your thoughts) is similar in the sense that it curates your personal music and shares with others. It's both a music finder and social network, easy to use and great to share with friends. Besides your favourite music, you can share opinions and thoughts about movies, create your own page and you have options regarding how private or public you wish to go. 

Curating your favourite websites takes another twist with  Scoop.it! It is still be in beta (and so you need to sign up by getting an invite which will come promptly to your email address) but already there are some fantastic scoops to follow. 

After you have signed up, you begin by choosing your topic and then begin curating. You may select search engines to help you and if that is not quite sufficient for you, click on "post" and paste your favourite sites  on your Scoop.it! page. 

Each page becomes as personal and individual as the person curating the sites. Simple and effective, it becomes a great way to share information, current trends and information with others. Below I include some examples of scoops, (including my own and one which I made for students to select their own avatar).

Teaching English created and curated by Ann Foreman 

Connectivism created and curated by Susan Bainbridge

Tools for Learners created and curated by Nik Peachey 

Learning Technology created and curated by Nik Peachey

Nik Peachey  created and curated by Nik Peachey

Conditionals created and curated by David Mainwood

My own contributions can be found here:

Digital Delights                                                  

Digital Delights for Learners        

Digital Delights - Avatars

Digital Delights - Image Editing

What lights and waves can you share from your online experience?

I would like to make a Scoop.it! collection, so please feel welcome to add your scoop on the web or your favourite Scoop.it! 

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