28 June 2011

Eye Candy

Photo by Irena Suchocki

It won't come as any surprise to say that I increasingly spend a lot of time reading online. From reading articles online, to managing LMs and reading Word and pdf files, I sometimes wished that I could circle or underline what I found most interesting.  If you ever have that need, there are two ways to do it when reading online.

Highlighter is free and can be added to your blog. Nicky Hockly has a great blog post on how to use Highlghter. After reading, open an account and follow her challenge. 

MarkUp is another option to highlight when you are reading. MarkUp is also free and the bookmarklet can be added to your toolbar by drag and drop. Whenever you want to make a note, you just need to click on the booklet.  You can use an arrow, a circle, box or line as well as choose your preferred colour. There is also a deleting option if you change your mind. With MarkUp you can then  publish the page you marked up and share the URL without the other person having to go back to the original page.

Of interest too is crocodoc, which allows you to make notes, highlight and embed where you need to. It's particularly useful for draft work. 

Do you use either of these online highlighters? Do you have any other to suggest?


  1. Dear Cristina,
    One more time you impress me.You really need to start training teachers. You do devote lots of time and its not only useful to students but also to teachers your blog.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for your time and supportive feedback! I think there is a lot of informal training going on through PLN and LMS, which is very enriching. By remixing information, online tools, teaching ideas, we can all find what works best for our own learners and educational contexts.

  3. Hi Muhammad, thank you for visiting and for your kind words. I hope that if/when you visit this blog again, you will also find entries which are informative and useful.