23 June 2011

Making Magic

Ever wanted to make magic? Despite all the wonderful games and interactive activities which we can find online, sometimes one just needs activities which are tailored for one's own classes and context. 

And that is exactly where these game making tools come in handy. MagicStudio has interactive learning resources and also lets teachers create their own interactive activities. It also has a user-friendly library where you can search for resources already created and add your own.  You can find video, images, audio and browse for different subjects. 

Educaplay is still in beta but really worth trying. Among other activities, you can create fill in the blanks activities, crosswords, do dictations, and matching games. There is also a learning resource where you can find examples of activities. 

Stencyl allows you to create games - even if you don't know how to use Adobe Flash or know how to write code. It's downloadable for Mac and Window and has a Stencylpeida page to guide you when you begin using Stencyl

Making magic is when students know that activities have been designed and tailored for them. It makes them feel unique, special and somewhere along the lines, they know that their teacher really cares about them and their learning. And most of all, that their teacher cares about their success and how to make the road to achievement fun and engaging. 

Have you already used any of these e-activity tools? Do you have a favourite you would like to share?

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