22 June 2011

Simple Suggestions

Blue Water Dropletphoto © 2008 Jack Newton | more info (via: Wylio)
Among the many online tools available to use for learning purposes or for one's own pleasure,  everyone finds their own preferences.  Sometimes, however, it's worthwhile looking into new tools and experimenting what they have to offer.

With AuthorStream, you can share your slide presentations as well as share live in online conferences for free. Besides, embedding, you can also share your presentation as a video by uploading it directly to YouTube. 

Screenr is another alternative which is great for sharing and teaching. Screenr is for creating screencasts and which you can share on FaceBook, Twitter or YouTube. You don't need to download - simple go to Screenr, click on launch and begin your screencast.

Psykotube is an interesting search engine which searches for YouTube clips without presenting the searches in a list. Instead, you have one box where you type in what you are looking for and Psykotube will then show you a selection of videos as thumbnails. If you are interested in a particular video, you just need to click at the bottom right side for the original video clip to pop up in a new tab.

I learn by trying out new ideas, new tools, new approaches. How do you learn?

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