15 June 2011

Squrling Videos and Documentaries

At The Simpsons Moviephoto © 2007 Bryan Gosline | more info (via: Wylio)
Summer holidays sometimes turn out to be busier than we had previously expected and time to watch all the movies we wanted just seems to vanish. 

If it is possible to curate and share our favourite sites and music, it is also possible to collect our favourite videos and watch them when it is more convenient. 

With squrl, you can bookmark your favourite videos, share them and even tweet them. If you can't watch them at that moment, you can collect them and watch later on your iPad, PC, phone or TV. 

When you join squrl, you also join a whole community of video collectors from whom you can learn about new videos, link, like, watch and collect for yourself. 

film festival: Humanity Explored offers documentaries which range from Education & Culture to Science and Social Development. All you need to do is click on "send invite" and you can log in either with your Facebook account or create your account with a current email address. The confirmation arrives quickly, allowing you log in and begin exploring this very rich site of movies and documentaries from all over the world. You can also rate what you watch, save for later and embed in your own site.

Two other documentary sites you may want to look into are Joost and best.online.documentaries

Which do you prefer using for your teaching context - video clips, movies or documentaries?

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