10 June 2011

Web Writing

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Summer is a great time to catch up on writing. 

We are constantly bombarded by tweets, Facebook updates and other forms of media, so taking time out to gather one's thoughts and write is a soothing way to make sense of it all. Writing becomes a way of finding oneself in the jungle of social media that engulfs so many of us today. 

I have already mentioned Penzu - an online diary and today I'd like to point out three other writing tools which are free online. 

QuietWrite  is a site which, after signing up and logging in, you can keep your writings. You can make your texts public or private and if you choose to make a piece of writing public, you can then receive comments and feedback from other writers. Two cool features are that you can export your writing to Wordpress as well as edit your writing on your iPad. Learners can use this tool to write stress-free and if they share their writer's name with their friends, can receive responses to their work. In this way, QuietWrite provides yet another way for possible discrete collaborations. 

Scriffon is another writing option. 

With Scriffon you can choose whether to use your name or a pseudonym, your real name or both. You can also link your Scriffon account to your Twitter account. 

Because I think that being a digital citizen requires a certain degree of responsibility, I would prefer that learners use their own names as this would be good practice for them to publish their writing easily online and gain confidence in sharing their work. 

Eduify is still in beta but promises to be a very interesting writing tool. Begin by requesting a beta invite and then wait to explore what this site has to offer. 

What other writing tools would you add to these?

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