24 June 2011

What Teachers Make

My academic year has come to an end and it is time for reflections and professional development. As I take the opportunity to do pd, reflect on the past teaching year and what I would like to do better in the next semester, I also ask what our role is today as educators in this fast paced changing world.  

Like many others, I don't know what learners will be required to do in the year 2021 and even less in 2031.  I don't know what the world will be like then nor what challenges todays learners will have to deal with.  I may have notions and beliefs about learning but cannot predict the future of job markets. 

I do, however, have certainties of what I do today when I see my students succeed, when their confidence as learners blossoms throughout the semester.  I have certainties  when I see the student who did not have faith in themself achieve success - not only in an exam but in really carrying out tasks with ease and confidence. 

Seeing students' success makes me certain that all the hours I spend planning activities,  plotting lessons ,  marking, doing pd to keep up with teaching approaches and inspiration, are all worth it. Yet if I had to say what I make, I could only say that I make each individual student  be confident and proud of who they are. I help develop their learning abilities, building skills which they will need for their academic life. I motivate them to be life-long learners, adapting to change, to being global citizens,  yet confident  and  proud of their own identity and culture.  I challenge them to reflect critically, to do their best when they thought they could not achieve. I make them do and be engaged in their learning. I make them smile with every success they achieve.

In the words of Maya Angelou, "I've learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. "

It is part of what I make. 

I would like to thank  @DianeRavitch and @iain2008 for having shared this video. 

What do you make?

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