1 July 2011

I Spy

In between PD sessions and course tasks, these are a couple of sites I spied throughout the week. 

JustPasteIt  is a cool collaboration tool which is useful for students when they are doing group projects.
Students can type in their text, upload images and share the link with their group mate. There are other features as well which help collaborative work - you can paste directly from a Word document and export your final work to a PDF. And as you work, the text is automatically saved. 

Another cool tool is doitdoitdone! which I first heard from @NikPeachey. It's simple to use, doesn't require registration and students can either embed their list in their blog or share with friends. Sometimes making a list does help one focus on priorities and goals, so definitely a fun way to start a course when learners are asked to reflect on their goals and how responsible the will be to achieve them. Other situations would be to have students in small groups write goals and steps to succeed in a project and then have them print their lists and share on the class wall (even better would be to share in a class blog where other groups could then add comments and questions). 

sqworl is a bookmarking tool but with a collaborative twist. sqworl captures the screen of the sites you bookmakr and as with other bookmarking tools, let you share your the sites you bookmarked. You can also share your links via Twitter and easily access the groups you have made.  Watch the video clip here below to find out more:

Sqworl Screencast from Caleb Brown on Vimeo.

Of similar interest to use are:

Notes.io  - Write notes and share with others

Ta-da-lists  - Make a list and share with others

Todo.ly - A to do and task manager.

What have you spied upon lately?

(Note: the image above is a modified version of xetobyte's The World is a Playground)


  1. Everytime I discover something new on Delicious or StumbleUpon I have that I-know-nothing feeling! I'm on vacation now and I'm all about discoveries. Your blog was a good one.


    Take care and keep smiling.

  2. Hi Kenia,

    Thank you so much for passing by and your lovely feedback :-) Hope that you may find lots of fun and useful tools here.

    As for that "I-know-nothing-feeling", do remember that we are all learning all the time. With all the constant new tools and platforms coming out, the most important is that users feel comfortable with them. In terms of education, I hope that they add value to learning (as well as a bit of fun :-)

  3. I know nothing too! This was helpful though, thank you.

  4. Hi David,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving your comments - though I would hardly say that you "know nothing" ;-)

    Knowing & not knowing... We are all learning so much every day that I find it more interesting to focus on what one knows how to do with "knowing" & knowledge. And very often it is not the amount nor quantity but rather, how one implements that knowing.

    Thank you too for your wonderful garden and seeds of inspirations! :-)