29 August 2011

The Power of Perceptions

This is one of my favourite refuges. A quiet garden, green nature taking over the dry, white desert sands. The garden itself is simple - wild, random, organic. A pond with goldfish, carp, coi, a forever  hungry catfish.  And a tortoise who would rather be a turtle. My refuge is alive with life, bringing me tranquility. 

Or, so I perceive this space. And what is reality but one's perceptions? 

Which brings me to the relevance of teachers' workspaces. Whether one has an office or  a workstation in a staffroom, teachers' working spaces often determine their daily rhythms and perceptions of their institutions. We often talk about creating a bond within a certain class or group of students, but what about teachers themselves?

A simple - but effective - idea is to have a wall by the staffroom where members of staff can display their photos. Images of travels, favourite things and events. There is no serious infringing on one's personal life while the images add colour and flavour to staff's space.  Below is an example of a staff wall which I recently saw. It was great to enter this space without even knowing that behind the kaleidoscope of images were workstations with teachers busy preparing lessons. 

    Images and perceptions. Words and perceptions. How do you create constructive perceptions?


  1. Great post and a powerful video. Small world it is as I just blogged about the power of words this morning ! Must be the "headed-back-to-school" reflection week ;-)

  2. Hi Brad! Thank you so much for taking time to pass by and leave your thoughts. Yes, I do believe that we must be all connected at different levels - especially when it comes to thinking about the best for our students :-)

    Thank you again!