28 August 2011

Tweeting through the Web Jungle

Web jungle? With the daily increase of web pages, platforms and sites, I sometimes wonder how learners navigate the web.  Many share their  favourite hangouts and discoveries through Facebook,  while Twitter is a cool media to exchange information and nourish a social network. As I am about to begin teaching, these are some tools and toys which I'll be sharing with my learners. 

2011 seems to have become the year of curation and Twitter is also following the curation trend with 2 tweeting curation tools. MyTweetMag turns twitter links into a blog stream which then is easy for the individual to follow and go back to.  The TweetedTimes is another format which generates a newspaper from one's Twitter account. Tweetwally creates walls with features that include searching, styling your own wall and sharing.  KeepStream is another Twitter organisation tool and I include a short clip here below:
Keepstream Tutorial from Keepstream on Vimeo.

Other than exchange and organise information, why not add some fun? You can add TweetSymbols and visually explore your twitter account with TweetTopicExplorer. Tweepskey gives you a visual representation of your followers as you can see in the example below. By clicking on the bubbles, you can find out more about your followers. 

ISParade is a visual site for Japanese Tweets, and provides visual feedback such as this; 

If you happen to know of a similar site for English and other languages, I would love to hear from you!

TwitterFountain is another interesting Twitter tool, mashing tweets and images with spectacular results. Additionally, you can also share or embed your visual results.  And of course, for more visualisations, there is also TweeterFriendNetwork

There are many reasons for educators and learners to use Twitter; here below is a brief  selection of blog posts and references which I hope may be useful to you.

Twiducate  - a social network for schools

Extend Your Learning - Twitter for Teachers

How to Twitter - an infograhic

Do you use Twitter for learning/teaching purposes? 

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