27 November 2011

Change by Leading

"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. "
Steve Jobs

It's been over a month now, yet I still return to words and wisdom which influenced me at different points in my life. It is naive if an educator claims that he/she does not initiate change for learning is change. Educating is change. 

With that in mind, I have also been considering how one changes attitudes within education and more specifically among other teachers.  Definitely by one's own practices and enthusiasm for a particular approach or belief, by sharing, by listening, and through empathy for other teachers.  Too often trainers fail to connect with trainees precisely because they distance themselves too much from the reality that trainees experience  every day. Change, like training, needs to be localized and practical. 

Change requires leading, more than leadership. Or perhaps, the concept of leadership needs to be re-visted. 

Movements may spring from the most unexpected quarters. 

And once they do, then perhaps it's time to quietly look back, as one does with The Evolution of the Web, and then begin analyzing the process to make sense of it all for  future changes. 

How do you inspire change in your social/professional  setting?


  1. Hi David,

    Yes, it's one of my favourites related to leadership and leading; so much ink and bytes are spread around and yet good leading seems to elude those in the position of "leaders" within organisations.

  2. I'd like to think I inspire change...I think that would be a magnificent thing to be said about anyone on their tombstone of life. This blog is about that, isn't it??
    I try and do this by modelling the change I want..., I do it sometimes by arguing tirelessly for what I want changed :) I do it by sharing lesson plans, rather than having them all in mjy own little file. I do it by asking for reasons for why we need to keep things the same.
    But then again, that's me.

  3. Hi TT,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing how you inspire change; I am certain that you do initiate more than perhaps you think you do :-) Change takes time and it is only with hindsight that one actually realizes that change has taken place.

    On another note, I also think that small changes in our social environments are often more significant that one major change - after all, it is through chain of events that "major" changes happen.

    I especially like how you keep asking WHY - and wished that so many others did as well.