30 November 2011

Gingerbread, Stars and Writing Prompts

As I was reflecting on  my life outside classrooms, it dawned on me that I  happily slip-slided from one celebration to another in life. Whether I found myself North, South, East or West, I have always rejoiced in local festivities, enchanted by the imagination, dexterity and positive energy that people create and liberate.  Whether one participates in Christmas or Eid celebrations, National Day or Green Energy Day, what would life be without remembering all the wonderful things that make up our everyday routines and vibrant cultures?

Beginnings of December bring to my mind scents of ginger and pine, family gatherings, colourful wrapping paper and sharp, northerly winds. 

 What better way to celebrate winter celebrations by asking learners to create their Gingerbread Man - without the risk of burning fingers. No sign-up is required, if you are not satisfied with your gingerbread creation, you can easily begin again. When your Gingerbread avatar is complete, you simply save the image and can include it in a blog with a story - a winter story or any other. 

In some parts of the world, term-times are ending; why not encourage learners to portray themselves as the stars they are?

Clay Yourself is an avatar creator which though at first glance, may seem best appropriate for young learners, is also fun for teens. Clay Yourself  includes other features such as a stage name generator and script generator - both adding extra interest and fun to one's creation. 

Celebrations are never complete without giving and sharing. What better to give than the love of reading and writing?

Kid's Journal Prompts offers free printables which offer engaging topics for learners to reflect and think about. Simply print, cut them up and put them in a colourful jar where each learner tries his/her luck by dipping in for a topic. 

Writing prompts are not only useful for young learners, and this can be easily adapted for older learners as well. Here you can find a rich resource of ideas to use with more mature learners. 

 Whether celebrating moveable feasts, birthdays or local holidays, enjoy life - it's not a rehearsal. 

It's the real thing. 

How do you share celebrations with your learners?

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