29 November 2011

Writing, Travelling, Quizzing

Writing is a habit that needs nourishing and encouragement as all learners well know.

Gotbrainy is an easy and fun way to share an image - and a bit of writing. You begin by choosing a word, upload your image, write a good sentence and you're ready to include it in your blog.

However, you do need to pay attention to using the word correctly and  selecting an image that reflects its meaning clearly.

Write for Ten is another way to encourage writing: simply sign up and write about anything you want for ten minutes. Everyday. A bit like Penzu, an online diary, Write for Ten is a practical  tool to introduce in your every day life - or in classrooms with students.

A fairly common topic to write about is one's last holiday or a celebration in one's country/culture. This topic can be expanded into a broader project about celebrations in different places around the world, but you have to know your geography to before you begin writing.

Why not test your geography skills here with this quiz:

Traveler IQ

The Traveler IQ challenge ranks geographic knowledge of cities such as: Lahaina, Sydney or Palm Springs by comparing results against 7,764,021 other travelers. Brought to you by TravelPod, a TripAdvisor Media Network member

How did you score? Ready to start writing about different places in the world?

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