14 December 2011

Dear Me

Throughout this blog, I have often held in mind young adults, teens and young learners. Perhaps because another year is closing, perhaps because I've been thinking about how quickly time comes and goes, today I'd like to offer some suggestions for adults.

If you had to write to yourself as a teenager, what advice, what thoughts would you tell yourself? Dear Me  is a site which offers examples of letters written to one's 16-year-old-self. You can read excerpts from the published book, meet contributors and write your own letter. There are videos included and letters from a wider audience of readers  as well.  

Letters don't need to be lengthy and the exercise is great for reflection and writing practice. 

Perhaps some of you may know that I have 3 other blogs, each for different purposes. So it comes as no surprise that I strongly recommend blogging to learners of all ages. Why not begin asking mature learners to analyse a visual chart to whet their appetite to begin their own blogging? Creating and analysing visual information may lessen the threat of writing, while quietly stimulating all the creativity and wealth of knowledge that learners store with them. Infographics offer learners and teachers many different ways to explore themes for lessons, and this one below is an interesting visual representation of what some may consider to be a well designed website:

The Anatomy of a perfect website

Infographic by R.O.I. Media Web Design

2011 went by quickly. Way too quickly for many, perhaps not quick enough for others. As tradition demands, what resolutions will you be making for the coming 2012?

If writing lists of resolutions or sending messages in a bottle is not for you, then why not explore a sign generator  and add your wish and greeting for 2012? 

You can find bar code generators to birthday wishes, warning signs and Web 2.0 signs. If in need of a card for a special occasion, Sign Generator  offers you a wide choice of options. 

As for what I would say to my 16-year-old self.....

Dear 16 Year Old Me,

It's OK to have questions - they will open horizons for you.

It's not bad to be living where you are now, enjoy every day, each is unique; the day will come when you will look back and appreciate the heritage and roots that formed you.

Keep on singing and playing guitar; no one will ever take that love away from you.

Never be afraid to experiment, play around with trends, to swim faster, to throw that ball even higher; enjoy the freedom of movement. Trust your instincts for they will protect and guide you. 

Enjoy every journey, it won't come again. Travel widely, travel wisely. For travelling opens the mind as no book ever can. 

If I had to write a letter to my 16-year-old self, these would be some things I would now say.

What would you say to your younger self?

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