13 December 2011


Imagine. A world of flight, a world of endless destinations. A world where landing teaches and challenges your imagination beyond expectations. Imagine. Learning without frontiers, learning without fears. 

2012 promises to be a wonderous year of learning and these are some suggestions for the upcoming year. 

Having grown up with adventures and fairy-tales, Remix a Fairytale is surely a fun way to visit and revisit well loved imaginative tales. Take a quiz, re-write your favourite fairytale, watch a video - these are some of the activities Remix Fairytales offers. 

What if reading fairytales is not your favourite activity and you would much rather build and create new worlds? Imagine...

Imagine being an architect and designing your own city! City Creator  allows you to build your very own city - and then share it with friends. 

You may choose from the suggestions that come with City Creator and even contact them to give your very own suggestions. Each city comes with instructions on how to build, and if you are not completely satisfied, you can delete, start again and then save your creation. 

Show Me  is another site that is very much worth visiting.

Throughout 2011, many museums have set up online sites which offer news, activities and inspiration to visitors, (here and here  I have already pointed our some examples and there are others in this blog as well). 

Show Me is no exception. There are links specifically for parents and teachers as well as different links and topics for learners. Games? From past to present, Show Me has something for everyone: from learning about The Wheel of Life and creating your very own, to being a MP for a Week, your imagination has plenty of lands to explore. 

Imagine. Places where learning happens. 

Imagine promises to be an exciting new landing space in 2012. 

What do you want to imagine?

How do you want to learn in 2012?

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