26 December 2011

State of the Internet 2011

In many places, it is learners who are influencing their teachers to make more regular use of digital tools, platforms and social media in and out of classrooms. Throughout 2011, I still encountered  teachers who would express their concern that students should not open their laptops in class, otherwise, they would only be Facebooking and not paying attention to class. Throughout 2011 I also encountered teachers who, besides email and possibly clicking on a Google Doc's link, still had no clear idea of how rich digital education could be. And yes, during the year 2011, I met learners who created amazing digital stories, learners who, previously bored out of their minds,  now spent their breaks in the classroom working on sites and tasks I had set them to do during class time and were so engaged did not want to leave the classroom, learners who for a change, took pride in their learning progress and shared their achievements with friends and family.  

Learning bridges take time. The massive, complex field of education evolves slowly. How does this chart compare with your local context of teaching and learning?

2011 was a great year of learning for me. 2012 promises to be even more exciting.

State of the Internet 2011
Created by: Online Schools

How do you regard teaching and learning in 2012?

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