13 December 2011

'Tis the Season!

And so another year will soon pass by, mingling memories and dreams to come. Scents of winter mixed with warm cinnamon, fresh pine and Christmas colours blend, while families attempt another yearly reunion. 

No matter how one may feel about the over-commercialiation of Christmas, no matter what religion or place in the world one may find him/herself, Christmas is never to be ignored. 

Elf Yourself is a fun place to begin creating a Christmas avatar. Simply upload a picture, adjust the mouth and select a tune to dance to - all in around 1 minute. 

You can then share your Christmas elf by downloading your video (which is automatically made) or send it to Facebook. However, there is a small fee to pay for this service. 

Christmas is never complete without a book and Mrs. Haquet has a most delightful book on Christmas for young learners.  As you open the deep green binder, you will find an index to help navigate  interactive activities. 

My only "regret" is that it focuses only on English speaking countries, when there are so many beautiful traditions across the world. So, my proposal for anyone who stumbles through this blog, is why not create a Christmas book for 2012 with traditions from your world?  Select a flip-book which you happen to like (you can browse through a Livebinder, offering some suggestions, which is included here on the sidebar) or choose another platform to create your very own Christmas compilation. 

Christmas. Whether celebrated traditionally or in a more contemporary fashion, it is certainly one of the events most celebrated around the world. To all, my very best Season's Greetings! 

History of the Christmas Trees

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Additional Christmas resource: 2Learn Christmas 


  1. Funny reading this while it is 80 degrees out. Cool infographic! :-)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for passing by and leaving your thoughts; Yes, it is over 40 degrees C now where I am and thinking of snow, warm fireplaces at Christmas does seem funny :-)

      On another note, infographics have many uses in classrooms - inclusively, they can inspire learners to create their own, thus setting the scene for them to focus well on a topic, be selective with information (e.g. dates , effects etc) and unleashing their creativity as well.