24 December 2011

Unwrapping Suggestions for 2012

Among the many networks that kicked off in 2011, one of the most innovative has been ccGlobal .  I first heard about ccGlobal  through @LiamDunphy , an amazing educator who has captured the imagination and contribution of so many around the world with the Christmas Greeting Exchange Project 

 ccGlobal is a NING where membership is by invitation, however I would really advise contacting a NING member and joining this community of creative and enthusiastic professionals who have already created something very special around the world.  Even if you have not contributed to  the #ccGlobal Christmas Greetings Project yet, I have no doubt that Liam Dunphy and his team will be delighting you with many other collaborative projects in months to come.

schooX is a new learning space that promises to bring innovation in one's daily learning practices. With features  enabling  you to  organise resources, share, create learning collections and online courses, schooX  is definitely a platform I will be using in the new year with its ease of navigation and use-friendliness. 

It is not an easy task for me to pinpoint particular tools or platforms which I intend to be using as there is such a wealth to choose from, but these that follow are some that I am eager to introduce in my daily practices once my new semester begins:

SlickPlan produces beautiful flowcharts which I find useful for reading and writing. Flowcharts help creating narratives and organising ideas displayed visually. Slickplan is free and only needs users to sign up. 

Presentations may get students rolling their eyes (huh? another pressie to do?!) so why not introduce Speaker Deck which allows learners to share their presentations online?

And speaking of sharing, Yokto is a free video platform which adds and manages video content on your website or social network. Inspire learners to create their videos for educational purposes, whether on road safety, digital citizenship or issues which concern them, and have them share their projects. Learners can also collect relevant videos for particular projects or add a mini-group selection of videos to a class wiki. Possibilities are as endless as there are learning contexts.

To all those you who happen to by pass by, my best wishes for the continuation of a wonderful Christmas season and prosperous New Year!

What new platforms/webtools will you be trying out in the new year?

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