8 December 2011

Watching and Learning

How do you learn?

Certainly with others, with your dreams, with your longings and aspirations. Yes, with elders too, elders who teach us about our roots and encourage us to move forward in studies and projects.  Hopefully with teachers and mentors as well. One learns through a myriad of paths and journeys.

And one learns with the many choices of streaming and documentaries freely available online. WatchKnowLearn offers free educational videos which can be viewed anywhere, anytime. Videos are mostly directed at learners up to the age of 18, but you may find interesting videos for English language learners as well.  After all, language learners may be learning a new language, but do have their own cultural and educational background to support new points of references while in the process of mastering a foreign language. 

Another interesting site for learners is The Kid Should See This. Science, nature, arts and technology, The Kid Should See This is a feast of learning. 

In many parts of the world the Christmas season is being greeted with joy and expectations by the younger ones. Whether celebrating Christmas, welcoming in the coming New Year or living in winter climes, sharing images and pictures is a lovely way to celebrate. 

Below I include two image editing sites which hopefully will delight you to experiment and create images for blogs, wikis and share with others. 

flauntR is a free online image editor, opening up different possibilities of editing and creativity. You can apply different effects, add fun fonts, instantly edit images and blend famous paintings onto your photos. flauntR also offers an option of a photo creator for over 30 networks. Another interesting feature is that it is available in French, German, Dutch and Spanish - besides English. 

PinkMirror  gives users the chance to retouch images and portraits. Blemish? Not a problem with PinkMirror which edits blemishes and adds an extra twinkle to your eyes - just in time for celebrations. 

What other visual tools would you suggest for learning?


  1. On this website you can find a variety of tools that can help you prepare English language exercises within minutes. And its all FREE! COPY/PASTE or write the text you want to use in to our generators. Tools for english language

  2. I learn when I listen and read. I love learning new things, one of the thing that keep my day. I'm so glad that distance learning is available from the web.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    I couldn't agree more with you! :-) Distance learning/online learning has indeed liberated learning - i.e. opening up possibilities and giving chances to those who could not study/learn otherwise. With today's platforms and webtools, online learning is a lot more dynamic than it used to be.

    Thank you for visiting, leaving a comment - much appreciate your contribution to dialogue and support :-)

  4. Hi Tools-for-English,

    Thank you for your recommendation and contribution! :-)