25 December 2011

What Santa Left Under the Tree - Suggestions For Young Learners

Despite not working with young learners, I tend to pay special attention to what is regularly created and offered to them. Being Christmas, childhood and dreams are on my mind. These are some places which I have  recently found to be the most imaginative and fun for young learners. 

Seussville is a wonderland of activities, with guidelines and suggestions for both educators and parents. Games and activities, with videos , Seusville is a definitely a place to explore with young learners. 

You can learn more about Dr. Seuss's characters, while a child can create their own personal Dr. Seuss Avatar (as the one here on the right as an example). They can then be encouraged to  develop their own narratives and adventures as a Seuss character. 
Teach Kids English , based on the award winning Naomi Simmons' books for young learners, offers free learning activities as well as fun, interactive English lessons for children either at pre-school or primary level. The course is not entirely free but includes songs, interactive activities, stories and more. Each unit is thoroughly designed to meet the different language skills and when the child has completed a unit, he/she receives a certificate.  

While you browse and perhaps consider signing up for Teach Kids English, don't forget to surprise someone by sending an Ecard to another young learner. 

ZooWhiz offers both a free and premium account for learners and educators. Designed for learners between the ages of 5 and 15, ZooWhiz is correlated with curriculum focus (Maths, Reading and Word Skills)  from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA and allows users to select the curriculum which is closest to theirs. 

Like in Seussville, learners can also create their very own zoo keeper, personalizing their learning and creativity process. For further information, why not explore the sample activities  offered?

Two further sites for young learners which are gem for learners and educators are Kindersite Project , offering activities and learning games for children between the age of 7 and 12, and For Kids Only, which offers games for both on- and off-line time. 

Winnie The Witch, based on books of the same name, has creative activities while Gamequarium has printables games, and other resources for educators. Scribblitt encourages young writers to publish their stories and Write Rhymes  is fun for writing and rhyming discoveries. 

These are but some suggestions among many other sites which are currently offered to young learners. 

What other gems would you suggest for young learners?

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