15 December 2011

A Worldly Wish for 2012

If I were to open a door of my world, then wishes and hopes for 2012 would emerge, hoping that they may find echoes in others' hopes as well. One wish would certainly be for a better understanding and respect for all living things. Or, in other words, for the environment we live in. Whether mountains or plains, forests or deserts, all are beautiful, alive and fragile in face of pollution and human activity. 

Celebrating the environment is not just a theme of a day. Appreciating a clean and safe environment is something that needs to be done everyday. Blue Planet Network explores water issues around the world, and includes a section with videos, some made by students. Not only is this worth watching, but also motivates learners to reflect on water issues in their own surroundings and how they too can contribute to fight water pollution and waste. 

Teaching Ideas has a great selection of activities and ideas for exploring recycling and the environment; especially geared towards younger learners, there are many ideas which can be adapted to different levels of instruction.

What if you would like something more interactive? SwitchHerooZoo offers young learners the possibility to to read and listen to stories, create their own online habitat and play puzzles about animals. The Green Squad encourages learners to take responsibility for their surroundings, while  Planet Science offers regular updates, news and other captivating features, both for the environment and science. Ology offers games about Biodiversity while One Day on Earth is a fascinating site for learners of different ages.

 ClimWay, is yet another option - a game exploring global warming and how we can reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Two animals which are being threatened by human behaviour are the polar bears and whales. Polar Bears International offers a  rich bank of information regarding climate change and of course, about polar bears. Whales are amazing animals and the infographic below can be used in lessons as an example for students to create their own visual chart of an animal of their choice.
Humpback Whales
Learn more about Maui whale watching

My  wishes for 2012 are for a more peaceful, safer, and more balanced world; a world with more respect for humankind and for the amazing planet we all share.
What are your wishes for 2012?

(Images from Pixabay)

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