18 January 2012

Did the Internet Kill the Video Star?

Learning may be inspired through all kinds of media and videos are a great activity to include in lessons. Here are some video tools which I find have found of interest for learners and teachers.

Givit is a service where you can upload videos and share privately - or in other words, only with those who you wish to share your video with.

Vialogues is another site where you can upload and share videos, but also add comments and discussions to the videos.

You may notice that on the left-hand side bar, I have included a list of sources for videos. Explania  and Cosmolearning are other sources where you can find animations and videos on a wide range of topics and themes. You only need to sign up and begin exploring.

Learning doesn't always have to take on a serious tone - students will often remember and discuss a video further if it is humorous or even controversial. Grey's Blog is a great site to choose and find videos which are informative as well as make you smile.

Further suggestions:

VYou - videos and conversations

Eyejot - Video Mail

FlixTime - creating videos

VideoLightBox - Pop up Video effect

What is your favourite video site?

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