15 January 2012

How Do I Communicate with Thee?

How do I communicate with thee?

Let me count the ways.

We are spoilt by choice when considering which platform or tool to use for communication today. Often a simple email, tweet or Skype message will suffice; however, there are times when face-2-face communication is required and not only between 2 people, but for small groups to participate and work together.  Today my suggestions focus on different web-conferencing tools available.

Vyew  offers several features which include meeting others, sharing content in real-time or at anytime that is convenient for participants and whiteboarding. You can upload images, files, documents and videos as well as access and contribute at any time . Users need to sign up and meetings can hold up to 10 participants.

With BigMarker, you can hold meetings, events and have unlimited web conferences. As with many other platforms, you begin by joining up (free) and here you have videos which guide you through how to use BigMarker

LiveMinutes  allows participants to share links, upload documents, as well as discuss and annotate them in real-time. At the end of the meeting, LiveMinutes generates reports of the work done. 

LiveMinutes allows up to 20 participants to join and is free with a sign up. Here you can go through all the features that LiveMinutes offers participants. 

Yugma has been around for a while and offers several options, including a free option  which caters for a meeting with 1 participant for as long as 1 hour. Yugma needs to be downloaded and is compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux. Different contexts may require different needs, so it's good to know that there are options when it comes to webconferencing.  

The above are all free; as a further reference I shall include 3 more webconferencing platforms but which are NOT free: 

What is your favourite webconferencing platform?

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