18 January 2012

Playing to Learn

For anyone who has taken time to watch toddlers at play, they will have noticed how young children learn through their games and risk-taking activities. As children grown older, their sense of curiosity needs to be continuously fed and nurtured. Today, (and if we all manage to continue living in a world without internet censorship) young minds can learn and widen their awareness of wide range of topics - and many through games which are freely available.

Mouse Party is a game which demonstrates what drugs do to the body and mind once they are taken; while playing the game, users learn how drugs affects the brain at the synaptic level through chemical interactions and hopefully learn to say no to drugs.

Another interesting game which raises social awareness, is brought by World Vision.  On World Vision International's site, you can find other resources which may inspire you for lessons and here you can find more games and simulations to introduce to learners.

What about helping young people become more aware of financial matters without making it dull? Below are several suggestions for both teens and younger learners:

Peter Pigs  and Planet Orange are great for children to learn more about money while they play.

Here you can find further resources for financial literacy, while here Planet Orange includes resources for teachers and ideas for lessons.

Learning more about trade and how money affects citizens are also topics of interest to introduce in the classroom.

Spent raises awareness about how people may get trapped in financial difficulties while Trade  focuses on international trade.

Further suggestions:

Financial Soccer

Money Metropolis 


Games for Change

Nobel Prize Educational Resources

And some great resources presented by Nik Peachey in his Daily English Activites- Play a Serious Game

Lastly, on the day that Wikipedia blacked out, help spread the awareness about SOPA. Let's keep free knowledge open to all.

Find out more here  and here about how the internet as been occupied.

What games do you suggest to raise social awareness?


  1. Great Entertainment Game I love this. I always welcomed your blog. By Regards Web To Print And Trade Printer

  2. I think Free Rice raises social awareness to a degree, because kids become aware of donating rice grains to feed hungry people.

  3. Hi Book Chook, that's a great choice! Thank you for visiting and leaving another suggestion for learning with games :-)