23 January 2012

Slide Your Show

As much as PowerPoint continues to be a popular tool for presentations, there are other tools which are as easily accessible to present slide shows. These are some which I have come across and offer the possibility to include images, multimedia and more: 

With igniteCAST  you can upload videos, images, music; it's a great tool for learners to create digital stories, share courses, quizzes and surveys. 

SlideStaxx also creates slideshows which you can then embed in blogs. One feature is how it helps you collect social media from different sources, pulling them together in a slideshow. 

BrainShark  lets you create, share and track how effective a presentation is. I'd also like to point out a great screencast by Russell Stannard, explaining how to use BrainShark, in a step-by-step presentation. 

Zentation combines videos and slides to make presentations, making it useful for webinars and webcasts. 

Further suggestions:

SlideJockey (app)

Presentation Timer (app)

Vuvox (already mentioned here)

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What other presentation tools would you add to these suggestions?

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  1. Hello,

    great post. However I'd like to recommend another tool for synchronizing video with powerpoint slides that is much more powerful than Zentation. Please have a look at http://www.slidepresenter.com/ featuring a powerful web-based synchronization tool and player with many options which is very easy to use at the same time. Regards, Thomas Miller