7 January 2012

A Visual Feast of Pins, Snips and Boxes

In my previous posting, I mentioned the relevance of blogging for learners and today I'd like to point out some different sites where learners can look and create images and visualisations to include in their blogs.

PhotoPin helps find free images for bloggers with many photos belonging to Creative Common sets. Another image site worth exploring for images is Fotopedia

Fotopedia  actually has 3 different functions; it's a photo-encyclopedia, has apps to choose from, and offers a wide choice of images of UNESCO Heritage Sites 

2011 was the year when curation took off with many start-up companies offering different designs and means to curate information and interests (see Collecting Pearls, Digital Waves - Curating the Web, Curating Tribes). Muzy is almost like a visual curation tool, where one can share images in different formats. Muzy includes different apps, such as photobox, photocollage, versus, and photopile and though it can be used for personal sharing, it's also an interesting approach to collect images for a project or presentation. 

Snippin is a bookmarklet which can add to your collections of images, videos and data as you surf the web, and then embed in a blog. With other features of organisation, Snippin is definitely a site worth exploring. 

Mindmaps are fun ways to organise learning and here are two which I have recently come across - Slickplan creates beautiful flowcharts while Slatebox  is a canvas where you can build and link ideas, then easily embed in your blog. Both are easy to use and can be used for presentations, summarising, organising writing and any other task which becomes simpler with visualisation.

Another  mind-mapping tool worth experimenting with is WiseMapping, which allows you to publish, share and export your mind maps easily.

How else do you make use of images and visual information in your practices?

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