22 January 2012

Visualize Your Life

New years often beg questions of change - or at least putting one's life into perspective.  It is also a time when sometimes one  may consider changing job or take up a new challenge in life. Infographics are not only useful to use in class; one can also create visual resumes/CVs which are more in tune to today's appeal for visualizations. 

This blog entry may be more directed to educators, yet students in their last year of High School or at HE can also start creating visual resumes/CVs, visualizing their accomplishments and lives, focusing on what they have achieved and where they want to go in their futures. 

Below are suggestions for presenting one's resume/CV in different visual formats:

Visualize.Me  - connects with your profile in LinkedIn

Resumup - creates a visual profile of you and your social network 

Kinzaa - your resume/CV in an infographic

Resume Baking  - to share in social networks and receive notifications of jobs

KareerMe - creates a personal video resume

VisualCV - combines video, audio, digital portfolio.

Further suggestions:





5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes

4 Digital Alternatives to the Traditional Resume

Vizual Resume  - Examples of Visual Resumes

How do you visualize your professional journey?

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