19 January 2012

Wikipedia No More?

Consider this.

Reflect on this.

What would your world be like with internet censorship? What will happen to free resources, free, open learning?

Online World Blacked Out
Created by: Online University

Further references:

SOPA - Innovation Black Out

The Internet's Reaction to Students' Reactions to Wikipedia's Blackout


  1. Absolute madness, could you imagine it? I can't see it happening because we always seem to find a way around it. But if it did the world would be affected in a nasty way.

  2. Hi Barry,

    So we have but who knows what may happen if those insane laws become reality? There has been so much progress towards free, open learning, towards open communication, that if they are approved, the internet will black out and so will so much progress - not to mention throwing our lives back into the stone ages :-(