25 February 2012

Blog Bytes

Blogger, Wordpress and Weebly are all well known blogging platforms, but there are also some other alternatives to try out.

Blog.com  is simple - sign up, choose your design and begin blogging. Themes, services and widgets are included as well as the opportunity to have a blog with your own domain - i.e. yourname.blog.com (for $18 US per year)

Blog.com is free, includes an option of premium features and enables multiple authors contributing to a blog. 

Checkthis and Wordfaire provide even simpler and faster ways of blogging - sign in (you can sign in with Twitter, Facebook or Google) and in an instant you have a web page to share.  You can also embed a page with Wordfaire in your regular blog. 

Both of the above are free and instant though I would hesitate in using them myself if they began using ads on the free blogs. 

Smore and Totem are also free but for creating flyers or a page on the go. 

Sometimes blogging doesn't have to involve a continuous blogging process; sometimes trying out alternatives can open one's interest in blogging. And sometimes, learners may need to create a page to complete a simulation (e.g. opening up a shop or company) or simply advertising an event at school. 

All you need then, is a byte for blogging. 

What other alternatives have you found of interest for blogging?

Further references:

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