20 February 2012

Creating Personal Spaces

Living in the age of digital stories and transmedia, one is spoilt with choices of where to begin creating one's own space of stories. Today's suggestions are about places which offer different perspectives of creating one's own space, for story-telling, experimentation, or simply for the pleasure of digital expression.

imcreator  is great to begin playing with website creation - and in 3 simple steps. After signing up, you take 3 steps:

1- choose a design

2 - customize with text, images, videos (drag & drop)

3 - publish

There are also ideas to inspire new users with a monthly selection of featured sites.  imcreator's features are particularly inviting for anyone studying design, fashion, media or with an interest in photography as creations result in beautiful calling cards about the person's work. 

FormatPixel is an online publishing tool, which offers several options for users, but which also includes a free version for one project. As with most other sites, once you sign in, you can add text, create projects and import media to create your flipbook. FormatPixel also includes a directory of published projects in different fields, which may help giving you a clearer idea of how you would like to create your flip book as well as sharing your own flipbook. 

Muzy, is another simple way of sharing a story but this time through images. Muzy creates a photobox, which you can then share on Facebook or Twitter. It also has other features (or apps) such as collages, either or images, short message and even thought boxes.

The only feature that I don't like so much, is that you can't download what you create, but if you don't want to post to Facebook or Twitter, take a screenshot and then add it to your blog or social circles. Overall Muzy is very easy to use and offers learners fun ways of telling and adding to stories.

Another aspect which has become a part of out lives today, are infographics. Whether you like them or not, there are all kinds of infographics (some even which I have included in this blog). ionz, Pensamento Digital  is accessible either in Portuguese or English, and in a couple of clicks, creates a visual about your personality and how you relate to the universe of those who have also participated in this experiment.

Begin by selecting the language you wish to work in, type in your name and then click on each icon as they appear. When you are satisfied with the results, you can personalize your visual even further by choosing the background colour and format (i.e. horizontal or vertical), include a personal message, upload your picture and save the visual as wallpaper. Below is a quick example:

What other spaces do you use to express your stories?

(Image from Pixabay)

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