28 February 2012

Word Games for When You Are Stuck in the Middle

When one is learning a language, there sometimes comes a point when one is stuck. There seems to be no progression and what one knows is not yet enough to maintain a reasonable conversation, let alone express oneself adequately. Yes, that dreaded "intermediate" stage when all one does is repeat and repeat and review.  It can be a lonely, frustrating phase during learning but it is certainly only a phase until one crosses the bridges of language, especially with vocabulary. 

Spelloween  is a site where you can check/test your spelling in a fun way. After you click on "start", you need to choose the correct spelling of the 2 words which pop up. You have 45 seconds to decide which word is spelt correctly and as the game proceeds, your points are counted up at the end. 

Confusing Words is a helpful site if you are stuck with words.  As you can see in the image on the right, it has a collection of over 3,000 words that are tricky either with spelling or meaning. 

Now, as you edit your writing, simply check with Confusing Words before submitting your final draft. 

Other times, we may know a word but how is it spelt??? The English has such peculiar spelling rules compared to so many other languages, that correct spelling is indeed a challenge. 

WHATSTHISW?RD is both a word finder and crossword solver - and it can help with your spelling as well.

Correct spelling and choosing the correct word are both important when you are standing on that bridge of learning. Here below are some commonly mistaken words in English. Do you know them?
Words You Might Misuse

From Visually.

Any skill takes time to learn.  All learning needs practice and time.

And it always seems impossible until one really knows. 

Why not test your words with a Dreamline and enjoy what you may find? 

What other word games do you like to play?

Further reference:

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Catch the Spelling - a resource of spelling games (mostly for ELT/EFL)

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