23 March 2012

Classroom to Homework to Classroom - Glasgow/IATEFL12

IATEFL is  one of the most inspirational conferences for English Language Teachers.  This year it is being held in Glasgow and has been  broadcasting a livestream for the many teachers around the world who, for different reasons are not able to attend. 

Russell Stannard presented the concept of the Connected Classroom - speaking activities which begin in class, continue at home and then return to the classroom. Just like the tools that Russell suggests, connecting the classroom takes 3 steps:

Step 1 - good preparation in class is necessary. Students work in pairs or in small groups; the teacher needs to give an explicit framework for students to then work on their own at home. 

Step 2 - the student makes a recording at home; when the student is satisfied with the recording, he/she sends it to the teacher.

Step 3 - Feedback: Russell proposes peer feedback by students working in pairs, the teacher selecting 1 recording for assessment from the pre-set up E-portfolio, and even self-assessment. 

Three simple steps for a speaking activity. Russell also highlights the importance of how learners' work at home needs to be connected to the classroom and by sharing their recordings, students not only see their progress over time, but also are more involved in classroom tasks as they are asked to participate in the assessment process. Personally, even if a teacher opts for another form of assessment, learners should be given the opportunity to share their work and give feedback to peers.

The 3 tools that Russell suggests are:


Russell has done a great deal of work by providing teachers who want to use technology in their practices but are unsure of how or where to begin and is always focused on practical, simple approaches to build teachers' confidence and know-how. With that in mind, Russell has developed Teacher Training Videos where each video explains the steps to follow for different tools. Russell has also been writing on education and technology for over 10 years, and here you can find many of his articles. Below is Russell's slide presentation and interview.

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