11 March 2012

Create Your Own Infographic

Infographics are great to use in class but why not have learners create their very own infographic?  Obviously, it may take practice and definitely challenge learners, but in the end, I guarantee that their satisfaction in achieving their visual representation will be a major accomplishment for them. There are all kinds of skills involved - selecting the topic, what to include (what to exclude), language to highlight, considerations of layout and how much data in terms of numbers will be represented. Students could plan in pairs/small groups, where their listening skills and  team-building skills will also be required. 

These are some suggestions to explore:

ChartBins  is free and requires users to register and log in. Even if it's not used as a creation tool for an infographic, it is a rich source of charts to explore, covering topics such as world currencies, the environment, social issues and other facts & figures which may part of a syllabus. 

Chartle.Net is another option. With Chartle.Net you can create charts, maps and diagrams. Begin by clicking on "create", wait for the app to show up and then select what kind of visual you are most interested in creating.  On the tool bar above you will see the different options available, and then once you are satisfied, you can publish, share or embed your chart. 

Then there is Visual.ly You can explore infographics or create your very own by signing up to Visual.ly.  

You will a blog with postings on design, tools, storytelling and other features of infographics - all useful and helpful for anyone who is interested in creating their own visual. 

Piktochart offers 3 different packages, including one free version (though with limited choices).

While infogr.am is yet another option to create interactive visuals and is free.

Whether to show facts & figures or storytelling, infographics can be visually attractive and an interesting project for learners. 

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers (each graph comes with teachers' notes)

Infographics as an Assessment Tool - a rich source of ideas and resources by Kathy Schrock

Visme - for presentations, create infographics

Visme Promo: Create Presentations, Infographics & other Visual Content from Easy WebContent on Vimeo.

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