1 March 2012

Create Your Own Magazine


Ever felt those great ideas lightening you up? 

Great ideas, like stories are meant to be shared and as I have been thinking about online publishing, here are some further suggestions. 

flockler  creates magazines for both the web and iPad; Lifeyo is a platform for creating your own website and there is both a free version and the possibility of up-grading. Yola is yet another platform to create a website. 

Everyone has their favourite images, so why not tinker with an image and create your very own kaleidoscopic image with kaleidolism

Poppies are like stories. 

Let your stories blossom, bloom, connecting with other stories in the blogosphere. Let your ideas spread, collide and grow. 

Further Suggestions

AcroFlip - upload PDF or JPEF Files and create a flipping brochure

Bookemon - Design, create, share  a book

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